Windows on my valley by blackamel79 


Windows on my valley by blackamel79 


Engelberg, Switzerland.


Hallerbos, BelgiumMatthias Locker


Hallerbos, Belgium
Matthias Locker







Seizure First Aid. 

Learn it. Share it. Know it. Use it. 

100% correct medical information on tumblr for once; also consider calling 911 if you don’t know how often the person has seizures and ESPECIALLY if the seizure has lasted 5 minutes or more (which is why the watch is critical)

This is so important!

Really good friend of mine from work back home had seizures a few times on the job. This is crucial information.

Also, a friend with epilepsy made the excellent point before that if you want to help, you should also be prepared to stop other people who might try to push in and do clueless things that might put the person in danger. Because they will sometimes try anyway. :/

just like whatever you do just dont freak the fuck out 


Two As One - Bunaken Island, Indonesia - © Jim Patterson | ᶹᶥᶳᶸᵃᶩᶳ



Two As One - Bunaken Island, Indonesia - © Jim Patterson | ᶹᶥᶳᶸᵃᶩᶳ






ugh the words denigrate, gypped, and jew (as in to “jew someone down in price”) are just some of the words that horrible and racist in their root (or just flat out racist in use) so please don’t use them in your writing




Wooooah I didn’t know that about “denigrate” wtf.

Good to know.



Pretty in Pink by Roeselien Raimond




Pretty in Pink by Roeselien Raimond




The second day,..We get up nice and early about 6.30am. The tour guide cooks some pancakes with Nutella!-) great start.. I shotgun the last pancake and head on the
bus. I spend the next 10 minutes explaining the term shotgun.. To no avail.

We make our way off the great ocean road and head inland…


Aboriginals often believe that the white people took over Australia murdering many aboriginal tribes and many generations and even though 100s of years ago, still feel bitter on the subject..” 

Are you kidding me? “Aboriginals often believe that white people took over..”? That is EXACTLY what happened in 1788. The British claimed this land as British territory, colonized and invaded it on the notion of ‘Terra Nullius’ - meaning ‘no man’s land’. Rendering any human habitation, development and evidence as non-existent or incorrect. They murdered us as a means to “get us out of the way of their farming and off their land”. Not only did they murder us but they wiped out many, many nations with European diseases such as smallpox, which Indigenous peoples has no immunity to.

They traded in our traditional ways for white people ways. Our possum skin cloaks for itchy woollen rugs and traditional food for flour, tea & sugar. We were thought of a as a primitive people who needed help from the British. Often, the British told us if we scrubbed enough at our skin the blackness would rub off. We weren’t seen as people.

They treated and hunted us like animals, often for fun and just because they could. 

White people were nothing but cruel to us Indigenous peoples.

(Image description: An illustration of the Waterloo Massacre/Slaughterhouse Massacre in 1838, of which 50~70 Aboriginal peoples were murdered.)

(Image description: Image #1 - Indigenous men depicted hunting sheep as their natural food supply had been cut off and/or destroyed by white settlement, farming and building. Image #2 - Whites depicted as hunting, shooting and killing the Indigenous men in response to Indigenous men killing sheep.)

(Image description: Seven Indigenous men wearing lap-laps. All have traditional scarring on their chests and chains on their necks with locks, four of the men are connected by cuffs at the wrists, 1906.)

(Image description: Three Indigenous men with chains around their neck, all linked to each other. Two men have traditional scarring on their chests. Late 19th century.)

The effects of colonization such as alcohol/tobacco addiction and dependency which came about because white settlers introduced alcohol and tobacco by means of payment and in exchange for safe passage & knowledge. Its effects are still felt today.

(Image description: Six Indigenous peoples, one baby on the back of the woman on the far left and one child standing third from the right. They are sitting in the town streets, in the dirt, poorly dressed, amongst alcohol bottles. George Street, Sydney, circa 1830s.)

(Image description: Alcohol statistics in relation to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples via Creative Spirits)

(Image description: Smoking/tobacco statistics in relation to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples via Creative Spirits.)

Let’s delve into another part of the timeline to display white people in their true colors.. An official government policy was introduced in 1909, which discontinued in 1969. This would forcibly remove Indigenous children from their families and communities so that our Aboriginality could be “bred out” and so they could “assimilate” us in white society. This is known as the ‘Stolen Generations’. It is important to note that even before and after these dates, the forced removal of Indigenous children still happened. 

Governments, churches and welfare bodies all had a part in the removal of Indigenous children.

(Image description: Aboriginal peoples after being settled at the Mitchell River Mission, QLD around 1929-1940.)

(Image description: A large number of Aboriginal children at the Bomaderry Infants Home, 1928. They aren’t wearing shoes, their hair is cut and combed into place.)

(Image description: Aboriginal women and children at Elsey Station, Northern Territory, circa 1930s.)

(Image description: Western Australian Protector of Aborigines, Mr. A. O. Neville’s illustration in his 1947 book, depicting how “Aboriginal blood” could be bred out through miscegenation.)

As you can see, living conditions were horrid even though these places were created to apparently “help” Indigenous children.

We are demonized by the police, politicians and the public in general. Why, you may ask? This can be explained by a number of factors…

  • Stolen Generations - Children who are stolen are more likely to act out against the law due to separation, trauma.
  • Loss of connection to land - When Aboriginal peoples are not allowed to live and be on their traditional lands they’ll come into conflict with the law.
  • Police behavior - Often police act racist, violently and inappropriately towards Indigenous persons.
  •  Offence criminalisation - Aboriginals persons are 15 times more likely to be charged for swearing or offensive behavior than non-Aboriginal persons.
  • Social and economic situation - Poverty and unemployment are big factors, usually among young Aboriginal peoples in rural/remote areas.
  • Police and people’s attitudes (negative attitudes towards Indigenous peoples)
  • Lack of language skills -  Some of the time when Indigenous peoples are sentenced to jail, they are entranced without fully understanding the court sentence because English is often not their first language
  • Foetal alcohol syndrome - Lots of children enter the justice system because their mother drank too much alcohol during pregnancy. The children are then not able to fully understand the consequences of her actions when they are growing up. 
  • Unstable family relationships, fall-outs 
  • Attempts by certain bodies to take away Aboriginal culture from communities - this causes confusion, anger and arguments within the community
  • Lack of accommodation - Often the Australian Children’s Court are told that imprisonment was the only option.
  • Lack of flexible funding
  • Reoffending - This can encompass all of the above reasons too, and the cycle of Aboriginal criminal offence and imprisonment is repeated 
  • Lack of community services dedicated to helping Indigenous peoples get on the mend. 

**Information collected from Creative Spirits, The Koori History Website & ReconciliACTION** 

As I said earlier in my post, the effects of colonization are still felt today. The past wrongs committed against Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples have a strong impact on who and how we are today, too. Sure, white people might not go killing “people we had previous wars with” now - but they are definitely repeating another Stolen Generations atrocity, one thing former Prime Minister Kevin Rudd said would never. By this time… probably more than 14,000 children have been stolen. This isn’t something that happened 100 or so years ago, it is happening now and white people still haven’t learnt from their past mistakes and wrongdoings. 

I’m sick of people trying to downplay the appalling history of how Australia was built. It was built on the backs of Indigenous peoples, the exploitation of our lands, violation of our rights and our ultimate right to be seen as people. Not to mention the silencing of the pain and suffering that us Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples went through and still experience.

I’m sick of people using the excuse: “oh, this happened a few hundred years ago so they should stop complaining”. Go look up transgenerational trauma. The hurt does not end when the peoples who were first there to see the colonization of Australia die. The pain does not end when there are no longer policies that reduce Indigenous peoples to the status of Flora and Fauna. It does not end when we live in a seemingly free and equality country - where the needs of the oppressed are tended to, when in actual fact Australia sweeps it’s dark past under the carpet and ignores the current status of Indigenous peoples.

We aren’t a people who have been wiped out (despite horrifying attempts to do so in the past). We are still here and our voices will be heard. We will not be subject to the erasure of our history, pain and suffering.


Meerkats make the best photographer’s assistants EVER.

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And the winner of most cultural appropriative at Coachella goes to… Vanessa Hudgens

Second Place: Kylie & Kendall Jenner

Honorable Mention: Selena Gomez

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more fuckery undoubtedly to come….